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Include additional information in Un-handled server exception along with Stack Trace

Unhandled server exception is occured for various reasons and most of the time when it's not handled properly, it gets displayed in end-user's UI. When end-user come across the un-handled server error multiple times in a day, it doesn't give a goo...
7 months ago in Social Program Management Platform 11 Future consideration

Upgrade Axis2 to 1.8.0 to support Java 8

Currently, Curam Social Program Management 8.0 uses Axis2 version 1.6.2. This causes runtime exceptions when a Curam workflow calls a server Java class compiled in Java 8 or later: Workflow:RUN_ID_INVALID_PROCESS_DEFINITION: The workflow process d...
4 months ago in Social Program Management Platform 2 Future consideration

Implement ability to configure XML-server security on WAS on z/OS

With Curam 8 the Curam XML server has new functionality for secure communication with TLS. The documentation ( ) explains how to configure this feature. Our servertype is Websphere Ap...
4 months ago in Social Program Management Platform 2 Future consideration

Ability to use alternate data source for BIRT

Customer requires BIRT reports to use a data source other than curamdb, to take load of the operational database. An auxillary database would instead be used, which has up to date replica of Operational DB
about 1 year ago in Social Program Management Platform 7 Future consideration

Disable concurrent login session for SSNet users

Hi team, This PMR is raised as a follow-up action item, after meeting the IBM (Sandeep Makhijani < >, Marc Zimmermann < >, Nick Raponi < > and MSF team. Issue: Cur...
4 months ago in Social Program Management Platform 2 Not under consideration

Authenticated SMTP Support

This is related to WH00012075 - Authenticated SMTP Support. PD Core team has reviewed the case inquiry and confirmed that SPM currently do not support authentication -- it would be an enhancement to add such functionality. However, if an RFE were ...
8 months ago in Social Program Management Platform 2 Future consideration

Admin screens need Search capabilities

For many Admin screens (at least the 3 I have attached), there is no search by name!?!?!? That's embarrassing and inexplicable to an audience when demoing the software. You have to troll through some entire list - sometimes it's sorted, sometimes ...
about 2 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 5 Future consideration

Separate IBM Curam application deployment from the database to support blue/green deployment model

Blue green deployment is an application release model that gradually transfers user traffic from a previous version of an app or microservice to a nearly identical new release—both of which are running in production. This is done to ensure the app...
9 months ago in Social Program Management Platform 3 Future consideration

Expand clickable area on Dropdown's to show full list

When clicking on any part of the dropdown it would be preferred to show the whole dropdown list like it does when you click on the actual dropdown arrow. Currently if you click on the non arrow part you get text and can type, which if you type in ...
over 4 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 5 Planned for future release

Add Product Support for a Fully Decoupled Modular Universal Access System of Engagement.

Universal Access (UA) has the capability to act as a standalone Client Digital portal (System of Engagement - SoE) with integration to remote back end systems, or a separate instance of Cúram(Systems of Record - SoR). There are two elements to the...
9 months ago in Universal Access 5 Future consideration