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Need character count for Narrative/Comments fields

Curam application currently displays an error message when the size of the text entered in narrative/comments field exceed permissible value. This request is to prominently display character count next to the field so users know before hand how mu...
about 4 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 7 Future consideration

Display monetary fields as per French format when SPM is in French

ESDC supports both English and French. Some users log in the application with French locale while others with English.Require consistent application of the correct French format of numbers and placement of the $ sign is addressed for the 2nd appli...
about 1 year ago in Social Program Management Platform 2 Future consideration

Close Other Tabs

Just like Notepad++ provides an option to open many tabs and has an option to "close all but this" or "Close other tabs", a similar feature in IBM Curam Social program management product will be of immense help to the caseworkers.SAMS(Social Assis...
almost 4 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 2 Future consideration

Support for outbound RESTful webservices

CMS is transitioning all of their webservices from SOAP/XML to either REST/XML or REST/JSON.[1] However, Curam does not support outbound REST API calls. And, per support ticket WH00012171, IBM's view is "any customer can implement their own strate...
11 months ago in Social Program Management Platform 8 Future consideration

Expand clickable area on Dropdown's to show full list

When clicking on any part of the dropdown it would be preferred to show the whole dropdown list like it does when you click on the actual dropdown arrow. Currently if you click on the non arrow part you get text and can type, which if you type in ...
over 4 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 5 Planned for future release

N: N Relationship between Provider and Provider member

Currently, when person is associated with multiple providers for the same period, it fails when provider member tries to login to provider portal. We need a support of N:N relationship between Provider and Provider Member. ANYC has a valid busines...
over 5 years ago in Provider Management 2 Future consideration

A level of multilingual support for internal/authorised and professional users

Formal support it perhaps too strong a term, however, I would like better support for more than one language for authorised and professional users. To the extent that we can raise questions/defects without getting the canned response 'we do not su...
over 4 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 4 Future consideration

Add ability to change Primary Applicant

SCDHHS needs to ability to remove any member from an integrated case once they are no longer associated with the HH. This includes the member who was originally marked as the Primary Applicant on the application case or integrated case. For this r...
almost 6 years ago in Income Support for Medical Assistance 6 Future consideration

Improve Attachment Process

The NC FAST application uses the OOTB Curam Attachment functionality which transmit files via CMIS protocol to FileNet. The method of delivery in this transaction is not using a stream/buffer to submit the file. As a result memory from our applica...
over 4 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 2 Future consideration

Curam platform - redesign product to make data currently stored as XML more accessible

It is hard to query and move into datawarehouse data stored in XML therefore we suggest to redesign product and make data easier to access. In particular interested in easier access of this XML data: 1) Eligibility determination reports (CreoleCas...
almost 5 years ago in Social Program Management Platform 7 Future consideration